Conditions of Use
Article 1 - Preamble
Seller is engaged in electronic commerce and provides a service to sell products online on the website These general conditions (hereinafter "Terms") are reserved exclusively for non-professional buyers and consumers. La DroneShop agrees to comply with all provisions of the Consumer Code relating to distance selling.
Article 2 - Conditions of Sale
The Terms apply to all sales of Products by Seller to Buyer, conducted through the Site. "La DroneShop" reserves the right to modify or change at any time these terms and conditions of sale. If modified, it will be applied to each order the general conditions of sale at the date of the order. When ordering, the customer acknowledges, special conditions of sale stated on screen (product name, description, weight, color, price, quantity, specificity) and expressly accept without reservation. The placement of the order and its confirmation by the client, indicates his full acceptance to the conditions of sale, only applicable to the order.
The photographs and videos illustrating the products are not part of the contract. If, despite all our precautions, errors occur, the responsibility can not be held La DroneShop. Indeed, the photographs in the catalog are as accurate as possible, but can not ensure a perfect similarity with the product. The descriptions accompanying the photographs are the reproduction of information on the packages provided by the producer. In any case, they can not engage the responsibility of
Article 4 - Order
The order is the subject of a summary incorporating all the products selected by the client's valid. It becomes effective by clicking on the button "Submit" virtual terminal payment Paypal or other banking service offered by La DroneShop. In this case, the buyer who wants to buy a product must:-Fill in the form of identification which show all the data requested or giving customer number if any. -Validate the order after reviewing it. -Make the payment as provided. -Confirm the order and its rules.
Section 4.1 - Validation of commands confirms the acceptance of his order to the customer by email. The sale will be concluded only after the confirmation of the order by The confirmation of the order implies acceptance by the purchaser of these conditions of sale, the recognition of having perfect knowledge and waiver of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions. All data recorded and confirmed valid proof of the transaction. Confirmation will be worth signing and acceptance of transactions. reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, taking in particular the supply of products, a problem with the readability of the order received, an order or an abnormal foreseeable problem for the delivery to be made. undertakes to inform the customer by any means and without delay. Any new order will be made until regular payment by the customer of the amounts due under its previous orders.
Article 4.2 - Validity of the offer / product unavailability
The submissions made by the Seller on the Site are valid until they are visible on the site, subject to availability. The photographs and descriptions of products are provided for information only, and may undergo slight modifications without our liability can not be committed or that the regularity of the sale can be challenged. Upon receipt of your order, we check the availability of (or) product (s) ordered (s). In the event a product ordered is unavailable by the Buyer, the Seller shall notify Buyer by email of knowledge of such unavailability. In case of unavailability, we will within 30 days after the confirmation of the order to offer either an exchange or refund. If out of stock on one of the products in your order: We ship the rest of your order.
Article 5 - Price / Payment
Product prices listed on the pages of the Site is the price including taxes and excluding the costs of preparing and shipping logistics. Seller reserves the right to change prices for Products on the Site. However, the products will be charged to the Buyer on the basis of rates in effect at the time of validation of the Order.
Section 5.1 - Methods of payment:
The rules of the Order will be made: By credit card: Payment is by secure bank server when ordering. This implies that no banking information concerning you is transmitted via the site Card payment is perfectly secure. Personal information transmitted from the site treatment center are subject to protection and encryption by SSL (Secure Socket Layers). Your order will be recorded and confirmed upon acceptance of payment by PayPal. The payment order made by credit card can not be canceled. Therefore, the payment of the Order by the Purchaser is irrevocable.
Section 5.2 - Transfer of ownership:
The transfer of ownership of the Product to the Purchaser will not take place until the full payment is received by the Seller. However, after the receipt of the order by the customer, the risks of the delivered goods are transferred to the client.
Article 5.3 - Payment Default:
"La DroneShop" reserves the right to refuse a delivery or an order from a customer who has not fully paid or a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is in progress of Directors.
Article 6 - Delivery:
The products are delivered to the address specified by the customer on the order, in France and worldwide. If desired, the client may request the sending of the invoice to the billing address and not by validating the delivery option for this purpose on the order form. Deliveries are made by post.
Article 7 - Order Processing:
Seller agrees to process the order within thirty days from the day following the validation of the Order. Exceeding the shipping time may result in a cancellation of the order when the order is not shipped from our warehouse. To do this, simply contact our Customer Service. In the event that you receive the package: refuse it and request a refund of your order with our Customer Service. Once we have confirmation of the return of your package, we will refund within 15 days. The times indicated are average times and correspond to the time of processing, preparation and shipping of your order (out warehouses). They run from the validation of the order. At this time, add the delivery carrier. The goods always travel at the risk of consignee in case of delay, damage or loss must take action against the carrier or do it with the necessary reserves to enable the exercise of that remedy. If the product is delivered after the cancellation of the Order, the refund will take place upon receipt by Seller of the Product in its original state. The return of the product and refund the Purchaser will be held as provided below in section 7 "Cancellation - Cancellation - Redemption."
La DroneShop Fabien Vidal 70 La Fontaine Boulevard 67200 STRASBOURG FRANCE indicating whether an exchange or refund. Upon exercise by the customer the right of withdrawal, La DroneShop is required to reimburse the sums paid by the customer at no charge except for return shipping costs. The refund is made within a maximum period of 15 days.
Article 8 - Warranty
Technical goods are guaranteed against manufacturers of general defects in workmanship or latent defect. The wear and aging due to the normal functioning of the goods, abnormal wear resulting from misuse, improper maintenance or removal by the customer or a third of these goods are excluded from office the guarantee. The final bill is proof of warranty. Any claim, request for exchange or refund must be made by post within 30 days of delivery to the following address:
La DroneShop Fabien Vidal 70 La Fontaine Boulevard 67200 STRASBOURG FRANCE
After agreement "La DroneShop" the client must send at its expense the defective goods along with the final invoice.
Section 8.1 - Limitation of Liability: Rechargeable lithium-polymer (Lipo) not be held responsible for any consequences of using a Li-ion or Li-Polymer which must comply with strict instructions to use to avoid damage to the product and its environment. receives no guarantee that consumers will respect the intensities, load capacities and discharge cycles, storage requirements, safety precautions in the use that will make batteries in applications of model .
In the use model, the discharge may exceed the maximum specified by the manufacturer for the cells constituting the battery, if notament misuse / configuration of the battery charger or controller.
Therefore the use of lithium ion / polymer must be considered experimental for this type of activity.
There is no warranty, expressed or conceived by manufacturers, distributors, dealers or retailers, in terms of capacity, life in molecules, storage, or discharge characteristics for application intended for models RC, or in other jobs or aspects.
The use of lithium-polymer assumes that the user accepts this limitation of liability clause, it is thus fully responsible for the consequences of their use and he agrees to hold harmless the manufacturers, sellers, distributors and retailers (including owners and employees) from any accident, injury, death of a person or damage to property. is relieved of all liability regarding the use of lithium polymer batteries, including the partial or total destruction of a model or battery, damage to the environment and third parties, premature aging of electronic or electrical components.
This limitation of liability also applies if the battery was sold with a model or separately.
Section 8.2 - Warranty Lithium-polymer (Lipo)
Warranty no longer applies when the battery was placed on a charger, used or discharged having no means of verifying compliance with the terms of use.
By purchasing these products, you start automatically in accordance with specified conditions and above.
Article 9 - Return of goods
No return merchandise will not be possible without having first made contact with "La DroneShop" by email (, so that "La DroneShop" verifies the order. If there is evidence that "La DroneShop" sent to an invalid command, it will inform the customer about the conditions and the exact address returned merchandise. The return of goods is required to the customer's expense and will not cover the goods have not undergone any change and in their original packaging. No merchandise may be exchanged before returning the premises of "La DroneShop."
Article 10 - Force Majeure
Responsibility for "La DroneShop" can not be held liable for any breach of its contractual obligations due to force majeure or fortuitous especially such as strikes, fire, flood, natural or other disasters, this list is not exhaustive.
Article 11 - Dispute
This contract is subject to French law. "La DroneShop" can not be held liable for damages of any kind, whether tangible or intangible property that may result from improper use or operation of products. It is the same for any changes made by the manufacturers of the products. Responsibility for "La DroneShop" will in any event, limited to the amount of the order and can not be blamed for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all precautions taken in presenting the products. It is recalled that the search for an amicable solution will always be preferred. The complaints or disputes will always be received with kindness, good faith is always presumed in those who took the trouble to explain his situation. In case of dispute, the customer should first contact "La DroneShop" to find an amicable solution. Failing the Commercial Court of Strasbourg is the only competent, whatever the place of delivery and method of payment accepted, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or guarantee.
Article 12 - Retention of title
"La DroneShop" retains ownership of the goods sold until full payment of the principal and interest. The mere submission of a payment is not a payment. In the absence of a full settlement, "La DroneShop" will be entitled to demand the immediate return of the merchandise sold. Costs that may be incurred for the collection of amounts due, principal and interest and fees that may be incurred for the return of the goods sold, shall be borne by the customer.
Article 13 - Intellectual Property
All elements of the site "La DroneShop" are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of "La DroneShop." No one is allowed to reproduce, use, repost, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, the elements of the site they are software, visual or sound. Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of "La DroneShop."
Article 14 - Legal information
The need for information collected for purposes of distance selling is required, this information is essential for processing and delivery orders, preparing invoices and warranties. Lack of information leads to the invalidity of the order. According to the law "and Freedoms", the processing of personal information about customers has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL). The client has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him, he can practice before "La DroneShop"